The UnWritten Rules 

of Teleportation

Not all individuals are gifted with the ability to magikally move their body from one location to another. ‘Tis always best if one is in possession of such ability not to rub it in the face of one who is not.

‘Tis considered rude to teleport into, out of, or around an individual’s home without express permission from the owner. And if said owner is not in possession of the ability to teleport, then ‘tis best to not mention it at all—no one likes a show-off.

‘Tis unwise to teleport around a moving boat or carriage. One may end up floating in the water as the boat sails away, or sitting on one’s ass in the middle of the road choking on dust as the carriage drives away.

With the average ability to teleport, ‘tis impossible to do so over large bodies of water. There is none who know the why of it, but ‘tis the way of it. If one does have the ability, try not to show off too often.

‘Tis always better to walk or run, if at all possible, as one must have exercise upon occasion. Just because one can teleport, means not one should teleport. Besides, it does no good to be lazy and a show-off.

If an individual finds oneself in a mood most rotten or with temper boiling, ‘tis always safest not to teleport, for one never knows where one will land or if one will be able to return in such an instance.

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