Fyar Storm at Telia

(Rayn Storm)

© 2008 A. Jane

Fyar looked at her reflection in the mirror, the smirk she wore at having thwarted her brother was slowly fading away. She could only wonder why the High Keeper wouldn’t want her to ease the Watcher’s mind. Is that not what Keepers did when there were those in need of having their spirits lifted?

She knocked on the mirror, but this time she wished to speak with her mother. “Ma, are ye within the sound of my voice? Ma?” After a third call without her mother answering, she tried her grandmother. “Grandmamé, are ye within the sound of my voice?”

Zeti appeared in the mirror and grinned at her aunt. “Afternoon greetings, Captain.”

“And afternoon greetings to ye.” Fyar returned the grin. “What do ye do answering the mirror?”

“Grandmamé is busy with queenly duties. Do you seek counsel?”

“Aye. Tried I did to find my mother, but she answers not my summons. Is she mayhap there visiting?”

“She is yes, but Grampy chases her. Help him I will tonight to capture her.”

Far blinked, certain she had not heard her niece right. Ice chasing her mother offered her little surprise, but her niece’s plan was unexpected. “Ye have a plot brewing to help him capture her?”

“Yes, a most devious one!” Zeti’s grin grew broad. “Most in need of help is he.”

Far nodded, her head moving side to side, her lips turned down in contemplation. “Aye, ‘tis true. Mind it I would not were he to do so. Know I do that Ma loves him as he loves her. ‘Twould cease the angst.”

“They are both very stubborn. What counsel do you seek?”

“I…” She tapped her chin and then shrugged her left shoulder, thinking that maybe Zeti might know part of the answer; she was close to her mother. “A conversation I had with yer mother. Naru Bastan is here and his mood is unpleasant. The High Keeper said not to offer counsel, but…”

“Naru Bastan is mad at Mamé. A woman she had him rescue, his future wife, but she disappeared and Mamé would tell him not where she went.”

“Why not?”

“’Twould do him no good. ‘Tis what she said when I asked her. Also did Mamé say that he would meet her again when the time was right.”

“Why would it do him nae good to tell him if he would meet her when he would meet her?”

“She wished for him to learn it upon his own—a puzzle she called it. Besides, Mamé said that were she to tell Naru Bastan what he wanted to know, he might wonder how she knew what she knew when ‘tis a Watcher secret what he desired to uncover. See, a puzzle.”

Fyar tapped her chin again, thinking, trying to decipher what Zeti had just said. She nodded when the words aligned themselves within her mind. “I see. Methinks had Rayn not been so impatient to be alone with yer mother, she would have spoken of this to me.”

Zeti laughed. “Papa is most serious about wooing Mamé.”

“Aye. I hope he has more luck than his father with our mother.”

“Papa’s a Storm and lucky are the Storms with love.” Zeti shuffled from side to side, dancing with her excitement. “Now, tell Naru Bastan I said not to be upset at Mamé. ‘Twill do no good, but it should be said.”

“I will tell him. Might I ask one last question?”

“Of course. All the time do I have for you, Aunty Captain.”

“Why would yer mother wish not for me to give the Naru a time frame of when he would see this woman again?”

“He would rush. ‘Tis best to allow events to play out as they would or play out they will not.”

“Mayhap I should study more my Keeper knowledge and practice the in-depth reading of my Sight. Most instances I go by instinct, but times there are, such as now, when I would know more.”

“Foresight can be tricky, for not always does it show what is linear. Or so Mamé says.”

“She is correct.” Fyar tapped the mirror where Zeti’s nose was. “And ‘tis why I need to study, but enjoy I do more the study of the sea.”

“’Tis just as tricky. Or so Grampy says.” Zeti put her hand on the mirror. “Naru Bastan grows impatient.”

“Very well. Off I go. Enjoy yer day, my niece.”

“And you, my aunt.”

Fyar placed her hand over Zeti’s and then ended the communication. Teleporting from her cabin to the front entrance of Telia, she was in time to keep the Watcher from tripping the wards. “The High Keeper asked me to escort ye around.”

Naru Bastan narrowed his eyes upon the woman he suspected of being a pirate. He was undecided if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he had no jurisdiction over pirates until they committed a violent crime while upon land.

“So suspicious, lad. One would think ye believe me not.”

“I know you not, and still I have not received your name rectifying that very situation.”

“I am Fara ayn Gyl, Keeper from the Southern Seas and Vyksen.”

His brow flew up at that bit of news. “You are Princess Fara of Vyksen?”

She laughed. “Again the suspicion. Aye, I am Princess Fara of Vyksen.”

“If you wish not for me to be suspicious, answer me why you speak not as a princess, but as a common seafarer?”

“Were I to speak as a Titledwoman,” she changed her speech to that of the dulcet tones of the Vyksen Titled, “’twould only cause me trouble when I sailed into ports such as Jago in the Far Eastern Archipelago.”

“And why would a princess have need to sail into such ports?”

“I prefer the seas to the ballroom, Naru Bastan, and for there to be a point to my journeys, I trade in the various ports I sail into. Have I satisfied your Watcher’s curiosity?”

“Excuse me?”

“Mentioned I have that I am Keeper.” She shoved her hands into the pockets of her captain’s coat. “Do you wish for that escort?” She continued speaking as a Titledwoman to put the Watcher at ease; there was still suspicion in his violet eyes. She shook her head. Watchers, she would never completely comprehend their natures. “’Twould be dangerous for you to wander about without me; the High Keeper’s wards may trip and cause you grievous injuries.”

“Why would the High Keeper feel a need for such precautions?”

“An attempted break-in there was, do you tell me that you would not do the same had someone attempted to violate your residence? That the High Keeper is out of country, ‘tis a logical decision to place the strongest of protections around her home until she returns.”

Bastan shook his head, uncertain he would ever understand Keepers. “Very well, do escort me about.”

“Good, good.” Fyar moved away from the manor, but then stopped. “Zeti asked me to inform you, that you are not to be upset with her mother.”

He narrowed his eyes. “When did you speak to Zeti? Come to think of it, why would Betrys ask you, a princess, to watch her home?”

“I spoke to Zeti only a few minutes past.” She held up her hand. “’Tis a Keeper secret so ask me not how. And to answer your second question: ‘twas not Betrys who asked me to watch her home, but my brother, Aryn. That I am princess has naught to do with the situation. I do this as a favor for my brother and the High Keeper”

“And why would he care?”

“He is the High Keeper’s husband, and as such, he takes his duties quite seriously.”

“Betrys is married to Prince Aryn?” He stared at the woman, certain she had to be making up such a thing.

“She is, yes. They were married last month quite suddenly.”

“She ended her marriage to Bure last month. Why would she marry another with such haste?”

“You must understand, my good Watcher, Zeti is my brother’s biological child. He was unaware of her until recently, but the moment he learned of her, he set out to find her. When he met Betrys… ‘Tis not unheard of for an ayn Gyl to know their future spouse within heartbeats of meeting this lucky individual.”

“Speak not to me of future spouses.”

“This is why Zeti said not to be upset with her mother.”

Bastan said naught, just started walking. He did not want to listen to this. Over a month it had been since he rescued his Allisea, and… He shook his head, pushing the thought away. He ignored the Keeper when she caught up to him.

“Understand you must, Naru Bastan, The Keepers’ Sight, ‘tis an awesome responsibility. One must be prudent when informing another about his or her future. Were one to know more than one should, one’s destiny might become unraveled.”

“Do you tell me that I will see…?” He snapped his mouth shut. “Of course not. ‘Tis not prudent of you.”

“I see now why the High Keeper would have me not offer counsel, and why Zeti said ‘twould do naught to ease your upset with her mother. An interesting lesson learned from an eight year old.”

He stopped and grabbed her arm. “What do you know?”

“I know plenty, but that is not why you are here, nor why I am here.”

“Fucking Keepers. Keep your secrets, I need them not.” He strode off, but was tackled to the ground after only three steps. “Do you attack, Highness?”

“Nae, ye fool,” she slipped back into the rough parlance of a pirate in her fear. She pointed to where magik arched. “Almost did ye set off the wards with yer temper and foolishness.”

He stared at the snapping magik and swallowed. Such magik would have killed him had it touched him. “Betrys goes too far.”

“Nae, she only does what is needed to protect what is hers. Were Watchers to learn what the High Keeper knows, ‘twould cause much pain to this world.”

“Is there a need for her to know such dangerous secrets?”

“’Twas Zasara who entrusted such knowledge to the van Wyrn line and ‘tis they who keep it. Not even I am privy to such knowledge.”

Bastan nodded. “I would not wish to be in the High Keeper’s position.”

“Neither would I.” Fyar moved off of Bastan and then waited for him to stand. “I hope I did naught to aggravate yer knee.”

“I am well. I thank you for the rescue. 'Twould not do to be turned into a red mist.”

She laughed. "Nae, 'twould be a most unpleasant experience I am certain."

He shook his head, but a grin lurked around his mouth. "A most interesting woman you are, Your Highness."


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