Mack Learns of Rum's Injuries

(Rum - Brothers Book One)

© 2010 A. Jane

Mack Boots entered his family’s manor with boisterous footfalls, pleased to be home; it had been a long journey to the Far Western Seas. Besides, his youngest child was due to arrive home on the morrow’s morning tide, returning from her first voyage fostering with his younger brother, Swift.

“Keep the noise down, Mack.” Vylla rushed into the entry from the dining area where she had been waiting for the tray carrying Suede and Rum’s morning repast.

He offered a charming grin to his stepmother. “Never say that Papa is still abed.”

“No, you rotten rogue. Rum was injured and is resting.”

“Injured!” He took a step forward, demand engraved upon his face. “How? When?”

“Three days past; nearly did he cross from a nasty trap laid in front of his and Gin’s townhouse. Were it not for the van Wyrn…” She bit down on her tongue to cease her flow of words. Even seeing him awake, the image of him grey faced and weak was still burned within her mind. “Only did he wake this morn.”

“But…” Mack started to rush towards the stairs, intent on seeing the condition of Rum for himself. The lad was a son to him.

“No! Leave them be. He is with Suede and that is how it should be.”

“Suede?” He slowly turned around; that was news. “What does Suede do with Rum?”

“He is Rum’s husband. ‘Tis why Rum travels not on The Argyn Ot, they were supposed to be spending this time learning of each other.”

“He married Suede?” He still was unable to process the information. His lad had married Suede? “Our Rum?”

“Indeed. Kino married them four nights gone. ‘Twas a surprise for us all, so close your mouth, or do you wish to trap flies?”

“But…” Mack scratched the back of his neck then his beard. “Surely Rum would never have said aught to him, never have they even spoken.”

“You speak true, but according to Kino they were quite drunk that night at the Mixy Wiggle.”

“Still this makes little sense. Even drunk, Rum is shy and not the sort to seek out another’s attention. And Suede, prefers he does his men more…extroverted.”

“Apparently that afternoon, while they readied The Argyn Ot, Gin had tattled Rum’s secret desires to your father while Suede stood to the side.”

“And Suede decided…”

“That Rum was hidden treasure.”

A young woman carrying a large tray arrived and cleared her throat. “High Grace, the breakfast you requested is ready.”

“Thank you, Kistren. Follow me.” She pointed at Mack. “You stay here. Only do I go to set up morning repast for them in the sitting room.”

Mack narrowed his eyes. “A son he is to me, a right do I have to…”

“Once Rum has recuperated you may see him.” She turned her back punctuating her words and led Miss Kistren up the stairs.


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