The Various Organizations 

of Dahrè

 Keepers – A group of women chosen by Zasara to keep the knowledge of Dahrè — that which is Known, Never Known, and that which has been Forgotten. Keepers are healers as well, providing aid to all who might need it free of charge, though gifts of gratitude (food stuffs, cloth, and other such wares, etc.) are accepted. Each area has a Great Keeper, but only is there one High Keeper of all Keepers.

Watchers – Those chosen by Yeryl to protect the citizens of each country. The members of the group are kept secret, allowing them to move around and investigate without hindrance. In each country there are only five Commandants and two Elders.

Guards – This group has several purposes. 1) To help protect the citizens of the each country—The Guards are a very public group used to help with police type work. When one has a problem, such as a stolen item, or if one breaks the law, the Guards are the ones who are turned to. They work with the Watchers, dealing with the public aspects of the investigations. 2) The stepping-stone of the Watchers — Those desiring to become Watchers must spend time in the Guards.

Wraiths – A subgroup of the Watchers sent out by the ruling government — whether monarch or elected — to keep track and protect the outside interests of said government. The Wraiths answer directly to their monarch or elected ruler, not to the Watcher Council, though the Watcher Council may use their services.

Shadow Walkers – A subgroup of the Keepers. Those who can walk through the shadows—the area one passes through while teleporting however briefly—without suffering any harm. The Shadow Walkers are only known to a select few within the Keepers, the High Keeper of all Keepers first and foremost. The Shadow Walkers keep mainly to themselves, having their own meetings, though they do attend the yearly or bi-yearly Keepers Assembly. The Shadow Walkers are capable of using dark magik without it depleting their life forces.

Good Sons – Male offspring of Keepers. One who is oft of the Blood and were he female would have been Keeper. Rare. When one is born, and understands the magik, often are trained in some fashion by the mother, though mostly ever taught the ways of healing.

Regiments – A country's military organization usually split into the various groupings of Mounted Regiments, Ground Regiments, or Sea Regiments. When Regiments is called Royal Regiment, the country is, of course, a monarchy or principality, and combines the members of the Mounted and Ground Regiments. The Sea Regiments are always separate in name and station. Regiments is oft shortened to Regi. 

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