The Guardians of Dahrè

Zasara – Queen of the Guardians (edit: "To a point." - Dunlau) (edit: “No need is there for such reminders, Dunlau.” - Zasara). Member of the Zerga Pantheon — those who watch over the living. Mother of Mothers to the van Wyrns, the van Jyns, and the hyn Gans (no more?).

Yeryl – Consort to Zasara. Son to both the First and Fifth Noble Houses. Father of Fathers to the ayn Gyls, the ayn Aryns, the nyn Caros, the nyn Dors, nyn Ors, and… (?)

Dunlau – The Firedaimon. Member of the Uttaen and the Azorit Pantheons. Grandson to Yeva, Gudau, and Pallaed. Contender to The Society’s throne though he holds no desire for it. Father of Fathers to the van Wyrns and the van Jyns. Father to Betrys van Wyrn.

Veshan – The Everdaimon. Member of the Badris Pantheon. Son to Valko. Father of Fathers to the eth Welexes. Uncle to the aro Seths.

Ayma – Older sister to Zasara. Mother of Mothers to the ayn Gyls and the ayn Aryns.

Zaryna – Daughter to Zarfena. Mother to Zasara and Ayma. Daughter of Chaggel. Former Queen. Has a nasty vendetta against the Azorit and is responsible for much of their demise.

Embael – King of the Azorit. Grandson of Pallaed. Cousin to Dunlau. In hiding to all save Dunlau and Veshan. Can be called by the Caretaker.

Leusha – Daughter to Zarfena and Gudau. Zarfena seduced Gudau in hopes of gaining the Uttaen’s throne, if not physically than through the child she bore, but was thwarted by Granddaima Yeva. Leusha was cursed to wander the mortal plane as the Old Crone by her sister Zaryna. Watches over the seafarers and is known as the Sea Guardian. Lives on the island Aldaen in the Far Southern Islands. Only those descended from her are able to see her true form.

Yeva – The Granddaima of the Uttaen. Wife of Gudau. Grandmother to Dunlau. (edit: “The grandest woman imaginable.” - Dunlau)  

Zarfena – Grandmother to Zasara. Mother to Zaryna and Leusha. Former Queen. Exiled by Zaryna.

Valko – The Granddaimon of the Badris. Father to Veshan.

Getez – Deceased(?). Brother to Embael. Grandson to Pallaed. Father of Fathers to many of the mortal Azorit Houses. Known (but mostly hidden) mortal children: the tyr Venses and the tyr Maros. Getez went to live in the mortal realm along with his wife, children and several other Azorit families awaiting the time they could return to the realm of immortals.

Gudau – Deceased. Granddaimon of the Uttaen. Husband to Yeva. Grandfather to Dunlau

Pallaed – Deceased. King of the Azorit. Grandfather to Embael and Getez. Grandfather to Dunlau.

Chaggel – Deceased. Father of Zaryna. Father of Fathers to the ryn Ferths.

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