The Nine Daughters 

of Mother Sea

For those of the Northern Seas, the Nine Daughters are part of their  long held myths and legends, the creators of their lands, the caretakers of the sea and her bounty, and honor them as such. 

Cursed by Mother Earth for treading upon her domain (edit: ‹‹No we did not!›› - The Nine Daughters), each of Mother Sea’s daughters were turned into the form of a creature that is half horse and half…well, fish-like. 

(edit: ‹‹Cruelly turned into a creature that is half horse and half fish.›› - Önia)

(edit: ‹‹Half we are seamaid, not half fish.›› - Sqäl)

(edit: ‹‹The tail we have of a fish, sister.›› - Önia)

(edit: ‹‹Exactly! Half we are seamaid.›› - Sqäl) 

(edit: “Cease bickering, you cause me a headache.” - Nekor)

(edit: ‹‹You were not the one turned into half a fish!›› - Önia)

(edit: ‹‹Half seamaid!›› - Sqäl singing)

(edit: “Why I bother I know not.” - Nekor who wishes for a holiday far far away from his family.)


(edit: ‹‹Our apologies.›› - The Nine Daughters)

Because she was not completely heartless (edit: “HA!” - Mother Sea), Mother Earth allowed that every two hundred years they might take their true form, but never at once, and for only and exactly one year or death may take them.

(edit: ‹‹See, ’tis cruelty of the cruelest kind.›› - Önia who has a mortal child and cannot hug him or her grandchild properly.

(edit: “My deepest apologies, the Nine Daughters have opinions and it’s usually best not to get in their way when they wish to express them.” - A. Jane)

Nörta – (Nortand) – The harbinger of Good Fortune. Associated with the Rising Sea. Eldest of the Nine.

Sqäl – (Asqala) – The harbinger of Good Fortune. Associated with the Surging Sea. 

Önia – (Koniaq) – The champion of Strength & Might.  Önia is believed to have chosen the dru Mond, the ruling House of Koniaq, and so is portrayed upon their royal flag.  Associated with the Rolling Sea

Enär – (Venar) – The creator of Mischief. Associated with the Churning Sea

Ënta – (Zentry) – The herald of Change. Associated with the Swirling Sea

Akra – (Lakry) – The link to Male Fertility. The other eight provinces laugh and consider those of Lakry foolish for Akra is female. Associated with the Angry Sea. (edit: ‹‹Of course she’s angry, those of Akra are foolish.›› - All of Akra’s sisters and older brother)

Dia – (Codiaq) – The bond of Motherhood. Associated with the Swelling Sea

Säny – (Sandyl) – The herald of Pleasure. Associated with the Tranquil Sea

Rïva – (Grivan) – The messenger of Luck. Associated with the Tossing Sea

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