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Hi all!

So I’m working away on Simm: Rise of Trouble Vol. 3. Plus, maybe a few small bits to fill out the world of Dahrè. Life does seem to continue on for the various folks as other stories unfold. I find it all rather fascinating to see how the others are doing, or in some cases what they were doing before their own stories took place.

There is a preview now for Simm (about time right?). Oh look, and a cover too. Please do enjoy! 

Summer Dae: Rise of Trouble Vol. 2 is live and kicking (yay!) on Kindle and Smashwords. For Kindle users outside of the US, you can find Summer Dae by searching the ASIN: B01N9NI1AH.

I'm on Tumblr. I figured it was a place to put both news and other fun things such as excerpts from various stories I'm working on. In fact, I've already started. A short story about how Golden Boots first met Red Boots and gained his boat, The Argyn Ot, called Meeting Red. Do please check it out.

A. Jane

PS — If you have any questions or if you find a broken link or just want to talk about my books, please feel free to contact me.

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