Hi all! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but A. Jane Fantasy Romance has been remodeled, revamped, redone, re…well a whole bunch of re’s. It’s finally live and kicking. Look around and enjoy.


Sari: Rise of Trouble Volume 1 is out! You can find it at US Kindle Store and the UK Kindle Store (and in all other Kindle Stores, just search for ASIN: B019CVX31U), as well as at Smashwords. Head on over to Dahrè to check out the preview for Sari, it’s up yonder under the Worlds button.


Work continues on Vol. 2. These two are such troublemakers. Sari does enjoy giving Jayd grief.


I'm on Tumblr. I figured it was a place to put both news and other fun things such as excerpts from various stories I'm working on. In fact, I've already started. A short story about how Golden Boots first met Red Boots and gained his boat, The Argyn Ot, called Meeting Red. Do please check it out.


A. Jane


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